Our 30th version takes pre-planning to the next level with a powerful Weather visualization tool and features designed to improve compliance and boost your bottom line.


Introducing Weather insight – available exclusively in PC*MILER 30


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Gain clear visibility of possible shipment delays and understand weather’s direct impact on your business

  • Quickly identify if a planned route is scheduled to pass through a predicted weather alert zone to notify drivers of impending danger or possible delays

  • Weather data is provided in real-time to keep your current, while alerts are available for 48 hours to help you plan ahead

Keep your drivers and assets safe by setting a maximum governor road speed for more accurate ETAs and drive times

Insert an HOS compliant stop or break location directly into the route with predefined, custom places for quick pre-planning

Access the latest street-level maps of North America with updated addresses, roadways, and commercial restrictions for optimal route planning

Mark a route’s stops as either Loaded or Empty to generate more accurate mileage reports

Search for and add fuel stops with live diesel prices to a route to determine the most cost-effective option

Send an optimized stop list directly to a driver through CoPilot Truck in-cab navigation to ensure legally compliant executed truck routes that eliminate manual address entry and maximize driver miles per day

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